Ubuntu 18.10 Released, Here are The New Features!

Ubuntu 18.10
Ubuntu 18.10 - Courtesy of Wikipedia

Canonical officially released Ubuntu 18.10 . Several new features has been added to these OS. It’s a tradition that every update will be released with different code name. If Ubuntu 18.04 is named Bionic Beaver, version 18.10 comes with code name Cosmic Cuttlefish.

The new features brought by Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish are as follows:

GNOME 3.30

GNOME 3.30 released last September. There are several improvements available. One of them is now Ndesktop uses less system resources, which means users can run more applications at once without facing performance problems.

Calendar, To DO and GNOME emulator Terminal applications come with new versions. The Settings application now has a special section for managing Thunderbolt 3 devices. The panel is dynamically created and the Disk can now be able to decrypt and mount storage volumes encrypted by VeraCrypt.

New Themes and Icons

Yaru Theme - Login Screen - technofolder.com
Yaru Theme – Login Screen – Courtesy of Softpedia

Ubuntu 18.10 offers a fresher look thanks to the presence of a new theme called Yaru. The theme created by this community was originally to be presented on Ubuntu 18.04 but was delayed due to not being fully prepared.

Yaru brings a more interesting look to the new icon. In addition the user can change to dark view by activating the dark mode feature.

Battery Saver

This feature will be very useful for those who use Ubuntu on their laptops. Thanks to the power saving management that belongs to the Linux kernel 4.18 has the option to replace the control of HDD, USB and other devices to low power state when not in use. This can increase battery life.

Fingerprint Support

Ubuntu 18.10 has support for fingerprint scanners. This means, if the computer has a fingerprint sensor, it can be activated with fingerprints.

Snap Improvement

ubuntu 18.10 snaps improvement
snaps on ubuntu 18.10 – courtesy of Softpedia

Good news for those of you who often use Snap on Ubuntu. There are a number of changes that will be noticed. Now users can search for beta and alpha applications. Time slides faster, logout options are available for U1 accounts and verified labels in the application list.

Graphic Cards Support

Because of using the 4.18 Linux Kernel, Ubuntu has improved support for AMD and Nvidia GPUs. In addition, USB Type C and thunderbolt support and performance optimization on CPUfreq.

New Pre-Installed Applications

Ubuntu offers a number of new pre-installed applications, including Mozilla Firefox 63, Thunderbird 60, LibreOffice 6.1, Shotwell 0.30, Remmina 1.2.3m and Rhythmbox 3.2.4.

Here are Ubuntu 18.10 minimum requirements :

– Dual Core Processor 2 GHz
– RAM 2 GB
– HDD 250 GB

If you already have previous Ubuntu installation, You can update it by following these steps :

– Open Software & Update application

– Click on Update tab

– Find ‘Notify me of a new Ubuntu version’ section

– Change from ‘For long-term support versions’ to ‘For any new version’

– Click Close


Enjoy the new version of Ubuntu!


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