Twitter Updates about Tweets Reported By Other Users

twitter updates
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Recently, Twitter updates about tweets reported by other users. That means, Twitter will give notifications to accounts whose tweets are considered violate their rules.

With a notification, the user will find out when Twitter takes action against their tweet. This update can be seen by users on applications and websites in the coming weeks. Twitter also mentioned that they will also provide links related to regulations and articles that inform more details about enforcing Twitter rules.

If a tweet considered to violate the rules, Twitter will request the Tweet to be deleted. After that a notification will appear stating that the Tweet is no longer available because it violates Twitter’s rules

Another update that you’ll find is twitter will hide reported post behind their notification, as seen below. If there is a need to see the Tweet being reported, the user can click the notification to see it.

twitter updates - reported post notification
Courtesy of Twitter

This notification will be displayed in the reported account for 14 days after the tweet was deleted.

Since the beginning of 2017, Twitter has implemented more than 100 changes or experiments, carried out more than a dozen policy updates, expanded the team and enforced Twitter regulations – all for the sake of creating a safer Twitter.

In this twitter updates, they also improve their rules with more details and examples to make them easier to understand. They will also conduct socialization and improve communication to users who break the rules. Users will know which Tweet is problematic and which rules are violated, and notify users about the reports they submit.

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