Samsung Make a Move Against Chinese Smartphones


Samsung revealed new strategies in order to attract more millennial to buy their phone rather than Chinese smartphone. The smartphone market competition are even higher than before after Huawei, one of the chinese smartphone makers beat Apple as the second biggest smartphone maker in the world.

In the long run, they certainly want to beat Samsung to take their place as the biggest smartphone maker. But, they won’t let that happen. According to their CEO, DJ Koh, Samsung will start put new technology from the middle class model, such as A series, not from Galaxy S and Note series.

With this new strategy, They hope to attract more millennials to use their phone, even if they can’t afford  the flagship models. It also help them to anticipate global slowdown in the smartphone industry around the world. In addition, although it is still quite strong in controlling the market. Their sales seems to be less encouraging, for example, Galaxy S9 which below their sales target.

At the same time, Other chinese vendors such as Huawei, Oppo, Vico and Xiaomi sells high-specification phones at lower prices. Samsung’s dominance is getting a little more threatened with it.


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