Most People Don’t Know that WhatsApp Owned By Facebook

whatsapp owned by facebook

Everyone knows WhatsApp and Facebook, but only few people know that WhatsApp owned by Facebook. Many users start leaving Facebook, but they still use WhatsApp and Instagram. In fact, these services are still part of Facebook and they don’t know that.

DuckDuckGo, a privacy browser company, has conducted small studies to examine whether internet users know the scope of a service they use. Security and privacy issues are in the spotlight, since the disclosure of data breach cases of 50 million Facebook users into the hands of third parties. This also makes Facebook somewhat shunned, and internet users are more picky when using a service.

DuckDuckGo collected a random sample of 1,297 US adults who were collectively considered to represent the US adult population in general using. The survey found that 50.4% of those surveyed and using WhatsApp in the past six months (247 participants), did not know that WhatsApp owned by Facebook.

The same study was conducted last April, and got the same conclusion about people’s perception of Google with YouTube, and Facebook with Instagram, although Instagram has a strong popularity. In fact, Most people don’t know if a company or internet service that he uses is a subsidiary of the parent company, which he may want to avoid because of privacy and data security.

Even when companies like Google and Facebook are hit by privacy issues, it is clear that they can depend on other popular products that owned by them. Half of US internet users don’t know that they just jumped from a ship – a large technology product – to a lifeboat captained by the same company,.

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