Microsoft Acquire Github for US$ 7.5 Billion

Microsoft Acquire Github

Today, Microsoft Acquire Github completely. After confirming the acquisition of GitHub in early 2018, Microsoft now announce that the acquisition process is completed.

Github has officially acquired by Microsoft with US$ 7.5 Billion deal. Furthermore, Microsoft will operate GitHub as an independent business, not making changes to existing platforms and communities, so they can ‘maintain their product philosophy’.

“Our vision is to serve all the developers on earth, and be the best place to build applications. This is a dream opportunity for us all on GitHub,” said GitHub CEO Nat Friedman in a blog post.

As we all know, GitHub is a code repository that popular among developers and companies. They use Github to store their projects, documentation and code. Apple, Amazon, Google and many other large technology companies use GitHub.

Therefore, many developers not so happy when GitHub was acquired by Microsoft, and many developers are still waiting for Microsoft’s development and approach after they acquired GitHub.

Friedman himself had promised never to change GitHub to Microsoft. But, Microsoft decision to spend US $ 7.5 billion for this acquisition is a question for many people, especially how they plan to profit from Github



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