Apple announce new Macbook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro

Apple announce new Macbook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro

Yesterday, Apple announce new Macbook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro. These new lines up of Apple expect to give their customer more choice to their products, especially Macbook Air. The new macbook air comes up to fill the gap between 12 inch Macbook and Macbook Pro with more affordable price.

Macbook Air

The 2018 Air equipped with a 13.3 inch Retina Display which is an upgrade from previous LED backlit. It has 4 million pixels and 50% thinner bezels than previous version. The interesting part about Macbook air would be their portability and lightness, paired with inexpensive price tag of $1199. Yes, it $200 more expensive than previous one because its upgrade on their display. The previous one (2017) version looks very outdated because of its display.

For the specs, Macbook air bring the 8th Gen Intel dual-core CPU with faster memory and SSDs. It also comes with two Thunderbold USB-C ports on the left with 3.5mm headphone jack on the right and no USB 3 at all. In term of security, Apple add Touch ID from Macbook Pro to the air version, but with no touchbar. Other update for current version is that the body use 100% recycled Aluminium which allows for smaller carbon footprint.

Mac Mini

After 4 years of absent, Apple finally update their Mac Mini lineup. The new New Mac mini claimed to be 5x faster than previous one. It comes with four or six core processor options and upgradeable memory for up to 64GB of 2666 MHz memory. For the storage, it can be upgraded for up to 2TB of storage – double than maximum capacity of previous version. If you love to use mac and need more connectivity, the ports in the new mac mini will come handy. It equipped with an ethernet slot, 4 thunderbolt/USB-C ports and two USB-A ports.

There is new color option available, Space Grey. The entry-level Mac Mini will come with 8GB of RAM, 3.6Ghz quad-core Core i3, and a 128GB SSD with $799 price tag.

iPad Pro

One of the announced device in the Apple event yesterday was the new iPad Pro. The Cupertino based company upgrade it with a more powerful processor: The A12X Bionic. Apple A12X Bionic chip manufactured using 7-nanometer process and bigger than the A12. With this process, Apple was able to put 10 billion transistors and comprises 7-Core GPU and 8-Core CPU (four performance cores and four efficiency cores). Single-Core CPU performance is 35% faster compared to the previous version and 90% faster in terms of multicore performance.

Apple says it delivers “Xbox One S-class” graphics performance which make it faster than 92 percent of all Portable PCs. Other feature that come with this update is The Face ID. So, there are no longer fingerprint scanner in it. Apple use 10.5 inch body and put thinner bezels in it. The result is their new 11 inch iPad Pro.


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